Moroccan Oil Radiance Silk Serum

Are you looking for Silky Shiny hAir? Get this intense antioxidant-infused Argan Oil which draws out the hAir's inner glow. This fast-absorbing, deep-penetration MOROCCAN OIL serum adds a luxurious shine and silky smooth texture to any silk press with enduring results. This product is also part of our Silk Press Collections. Great for natural and relaxed hair.



Apply 3 to 5 small drops to the palm of your hand, rub together and massage into hair. This can be done on wet or dry hair. Remember less is more. Can also add to dry hair and style.



  • Argan Oil - Deep penetrating oil that instantly absorbs into hair producing incredible shine, helps control frizz, softens and aids in curl definition, and conditions hair
  • Dimethiconol - A silicone used for added shine, conditioning and heat protection




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